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The Facebook Status Archive Project - The Tara Hudson Debacle

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Friday, 30 October 2015 at 18:34 UTC

Nikki Bishop updated her status.

It's strange to feel a sense of achievement for helping a violent offender. I've always said it's not about the crime, nor the punishment but where Tara Hudson was to carry out that punishment. It came to light she has previous convictions, so expectedly she was given jail time. What bothered me the most about this story is the fact that she was sent an all male prison! And she's not the only one either. It saddens me to know that others are being similarly being mistreated and it saddens me that it took beauty to slay the silence over this! Tara is far advanced in her transition and she presents so much better than most, but she is one of us. Not from wealth or fame, just a transwoman trying to make it in the world.
I have done nothing though. Nothing really. I have copied and shared the petition and the news stories, and I have asked for your help. I have made myself sick over on Reddit trying to defend what I want. Which is for transwoman to have their gender recognized and to be treated correctly by the system! The current system is flawed and is in serious need of repair. Trans people shouldn't have to jump through hoops to be recognized and to be given a practically useless slip of paper in case they get their collar felt! That's the only time the GRC has any practical use. All my documents from my medical records to driving licence and passport say I am female. I say I am female. I may not be the most passable or prettiest of us but by (insert religious deity of choosing) I am female.
The real people who deserve the credit are those over on Bath Gender Equality Network and the ladies who stood up to be heard! I wish I could link their names here! #ISeeTara #TransLivesMatter

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